话题(一) 相关人员


grandparents n. 祖父母,外祖父母

grandfather n. 爷爷,外公

grandmother n. 奶奶,外婆

grandchild n. (外)孙子或孙女

grandson n. 孙子,外孙

granddaughter n. (外)孙女

stepfather n. 继父

stepmother n. 继母

father-in-law n. 岳父;公公

mother-in-law n. 岳母;婆婆

brother-in-law n. 姐(妹)夫;小叔;大伯

sister-in-law n. 嫂子,弟媳

daughter-in-law n. 儿媳

uncle n. 叔;伯;舅;姑父;姨父

aunt n. 婶;伯母;舅妈;姑妈;姨

nephew n. 侄子,外甥

niece n. 侄女,外甥女

cousin n. 堂(表)兄弟,堂(表)姐妹

housewife n. 家庭主妇

couple n. 夫妇,一对

host n. 主人;节目主持人

hostess n. 女主人

bride n. 新娘

bridegroom n. 新郎

twin n. 双胞胎


relative n. 亲属,亲戚

partner n. 伙伴;同伴

fellow n. 同伴;伙伴

monitor n. 班长

pen?pal n. 笔友

net?pal n. 网友

stranger n. 陌生人

director n. 主任

headteacher n. 班主任;中小学校长

headmaster n. (中小学)校长

neighbour n. 邻居,邻人

villager n. 村民

roommate n. 室友,舍友

acquaintance n. 熟人;相识

elder n. 长辈;老人;父辈

senior n. 年长者;高年级生

junior n. 年幼者;低年级生

adult n. 成年人

teenager n. 青少年

middle age n. 中年

companion n. 同伴;同事;伴侣

colleague n. 同事,同僚

president n. 总统;董事长;大学校长

chairman n. 主席

manager n. 经理

话题(二) 人际关系


harmony n. 和睦,和谐

harmonious adj. 和谐的

friendly adj. 友好的

considerate adj. 体贴的

admirable adj. 值得赞赏的,可钦佩的

respectful adj. 恭敬的,有礼貌的

consult vt. 请教;商量

appreciate vt. 欣赏;感激

associate vt. 使联合

respect vt.& n. 尊重

understand vt. 理解;领会

understanding n. 理解

accompany vt. 陪同,陪伴

share vt. 分享,共同使用

cooperate vi. 合作

forgive vt. 原谅

congratulate vt. 祝贺

congratulation n. 祝贺

precious adj. 珍贵的

grateful adj. 感激的

sincere adj. 真诚的

conscience n. 良心;良知

merciful adj. 宽大的;仁慈的

modest adj. 谦虚的;谦逊的

reliable adj. 可信赖的

patient adj. 有耐心的

trust vt. 相信;信任

promote vt. 促进;提升

make up 和解

communicate with 与……交流

be ready to help others 乐于助人

be concerned for/about 对……担心/关心

share ...with ... 与……分享……

depend/rely on 依靠,相信,信赖

have ...in common 有共同之处

fit in with 与……相适应/相融洽

get on/along well with sb. 与某人相处融洽

be in harmony with ... 与……和谐相处/协调

be on good terms with sb. 与某人关系好


fight n.& vi. 打架;打斗

quarrel n.& vi. 争吵;吵架

conflict n. 冲突

tolerance n. 忍受

barrier n. 屏障,障碍

friction n. 摩擦

prejudice n. 偏见,成见

tension n. 紧张局势

abandon vt. 抛弃,舍弃,放弃

abuse vt. 虐待;辱骂;滥用

divorce vt. 离婚

condemn vt. 谴责,指责,宣判

blame vt. 责备,指责

complain vt.& vi. 抱怨

embarrass vt. 使尴尬

misunderstand vt. 误会;误解

bother vt. 打扰;麻烦

break up 分手;解散;结束

be bored with 厌烦

be fed up with 受够了

be to blame 应受责备

have words with 与……发生口角


1.I didn't realize the importance of cooperating with others until I was chosen monitor of my class in my senior middle school.


2.Just as the saying goes, "One tree doesn't make a forest", our success is based on cooperating with others.


3.We should be kind to one another, which is essential to enjoying a harmonious life.


4.With friendship, life is happy and harmonious. Without friendship, life is hostile and unfortunate.


5.As far as I'm concerned, to build a good relationship, we should trust each other first.


6.As is known to us all, children spend less time having heart?to?heart talks with their parents when they grow older.


7.As we all know, making friends can help us establish good interpersonal relationships, and build a harmonious society.


8.It was your help and kindness that made my study and life in the UK special and enjoyable.


9.I hope we can stay in touch with each other so that we can communicate with each other to know more about the Chinese and British culture.


10.Therefore, we should keep calm no matter what happens in the future. Only in this way can we deal with things correctly and maintain our friendship.



1. 一个获得过诺贝尔奖的作家在他15岁的时候过着非常艰苦的生活。(定语从句)

2. 为了照顾生病的母亲,他不得不靠为报纸写文章谋生。

3. 他的老板对他要求非常严格,这导致了一个事实,即他在写作方面很有经验。(非限制性定语从句,同位语从句)

4. 他的一本书获得了2010年最佳畅销书称号,并得到了全世界的关注。

5. 很多人情不自禁地学习他的乐观精神,所以他的成功给我们树立了好榜样。

A writer who won the Nobel Prize led a very tough life at the age of 15. Therefore, in order to look after his sick mother, he had to earn his living by writing articles for a newspaper. However, his boss was very strict with him, which resulted in a fact that he was experienced in writing. To his delight, one of his books was given the title of The Best Seller in 2010, and got the world’s attention. As a result,many people couldn’t help learning his positive spirit, so his success set a good example to us.

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